Geany 0.14 (April 19, 2008)


  • Don't beep when using Replace All in Session unless all open files have no replacements (fixes #1893796).

  • Only use filetype detection after Save As, not on every save when the filetype is None (fixes #1891778).

  • Make Go to Tag commands look for the tag in the current document before searching the workspace.

  • Check file on disk for changes also when pressing a key.

  • Ignore documents with no absolute path when saving session files.
  • Fix segfault with Run command when a project is open and the current file's filetype has no run command.

  • Make Next Error and Next Message commands add positions to the navigation queue, so the user can move backwards through the list items

and return to where they were.

  • Make pressing escape in the sidebar focus the editor.
  • Make navigation queue position based to restore the line and column when returning to a previous position (closes #1936927).

  • Save sorting order of the symbol list when saving a file (fixes #1917262).

  • Improve "Send Selection To" code (fixes #1909452).
  • Install header files and add a pkg-config file for external plugins.
  • Use monospace font for text entry fields in search dialogs (#1907117).
  • Don't open zero byte sized files read-only (e.g. files in /proc).


  • Improve Makefile parser to detect targets.
  • Update PHP tags file to latest PHP API docs (closes #1888691).
  • Add translucency settings to filetypes.common for semi-transparency.
  • Add HTML parser to get h1, h2, h3 symbols as well as link anchors and JavaScript functions (fixes #1896068).

  • Update Javascript, Tcl and Assembler parser.


  • When closing a tab when using left-to-right tabs, focus the next document, not the previous.

  • Move Load Tags item from File to Tools menu.


  • Don't scroll the editor view if it is unnecessary when using Find Next/Previous, Find Selected, incremental search, Go to Marker or Go to

Matching Brace commands.

  • Fix bug with showing macro list items all on one line.
  • Fix Python auto-indentation when line endings are set to CR/LF.
  • Unfold hidden code when the fold point modified (fixes #1923350).
  • Update Scintilla to version 1.76.
  • Add (basic) column mode editing (patch by "chuck").


  • Replace untitled file header filename after Save As and add to recent files on Windows too.

  • Resolve Windows shortcuts when opening files.

  • Fix modal dialog problems on Windows by not setting taskbar hint (closes #1916994).

  • Add new process spawning implementation. This makes the VCdiff plugin to work on Windows (patch by Pierre Joye, thanks).

  • Fix crash on Windows when a project could not be opened.


  • Add configurable plugin keybindings support.
  • Add a HTML Characters keybinding to show the dialog.
  • Add File Browser keybindings to focus the Path Entry and File List
  • Rename VCDiff plugin Version Diff.
  • When quitting, remember plugin filenames that couldn't be loaded at startup as well as active plugins.

Plugin API:

  • Add PLUGIN_KEY_GROUP and keybindings_set_item() to setup a keybinding group.

  • keybindings_send_command() arguments have changed because of keybinding groups - this breaks the API for plugins already using it.

  • Make VERSION_CHECK deprecated in favour of PLUGIN_VERSION_CHECK.


  • Add descriptions for several options in the preferences dialog (patch from Robert McGinley).


  • New translations: ro.
  • Updated translations: bg, de, en_GB, es, fr, hu, it, ja, pt_BR, ru.

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