Geany 0.8 (August 09, 2006)


  • Find in files feature added which uses the Grep tool.
  • Added Make object command to compile using the Make tool.
  • Editor notebook tabs can now be reordered by drag and drop.
  • Added support for back references when using regex replace.
  • Added a Find button to the Replace dialog to skip matches.
  • Greatly improved the speed of Replace all/in selection.
  • Scroll to 1/4 of the view when jumping to a line number.
  • Show messages on the status bar and in the Status window.
  • Preferences options for Auto-indentation and Line wrapping.
  • Use the mouse click position for Go to tag.
  • Added separate filetype_extensions.conf system file.
  • Added makefiles for building on Windows.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for increase/decrease of line indentation.

  • Added functionality to uncomment code.

  • Encoding support
  • Added support for Unicode Byte-Order-Mark (BOM)
  • Redesigned preferences dialog.
  • Added Undo and Redo toolbar buttons.
  • New filetype: D
  • Added simple printing support.
  • Mark errors while compiling source code within Geany with indicators(small squiggly underlines)

Bugs fixed:

  • Use the full path for files opened from the command-line.
  • Fixed saving a file from the unsaved file dialog.
  • Fixed replacing with regexes the correct matched text length.
  • Fixed applying virtual terminal widget settings at startup.
  • Fixed prepending items to the Recent files menu.
  • Fixed clipboard commands used in the find entry and Scribble.
  • Fixed wrong interpretation of syntax highlighting colours
  • And some more.

Windows bugs fixed:

  • Don't add .c extension when saving with the All files filter.
  • Fixed a tool chooser dialog crash when path doesn't exist.
  • Fixed locale problems with Windows message dialogs.


  • New translations: be, es, pt_BR, ru.
  • Updated translations: ca, de, pl.


  • Added Scintilla keyboard commands for editing appendix.
  • Improved search section; added all find and go to commands.
  • Added section about character sets.

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