Geany 0.9 (September 29, 2006)


  • Added function calltips for files open in the current workspace for C-like languages.

  • Open a second instance by default when starting Geany with no filenames specified on the command-line.

  • Added better error message support for D, for both DMD and GDC; also GCC-style linker error messages are now parsed.

  • Text selections now use syntax highlighting foreground colours (but can still be overridden in filetypes.common).

  • Find in Files improvements: fixed string and whole word only matching options; a directory selector dialog; filenames passed

to Grep are now sorted alphabetically.

  • Remember the VTE current directory at startup.
  • Show the messages window on build failure or for Find Usage.
  • Added -s command-line option to not load session files (-i is now used to force a new instance).

  • Added comment toggle functionality to easily comment and uncomment a line with one shortcut.

  • Separated filetypes PHP and HTML for better usage.

  • New filetypes: Diff, Fortran 77 and Ferite.
  • Added auto completion tags for PASCAL.
  • Improved VTE usage by adding options for selecting the used shell and ignoring menu bar accelerator (default F10).

  • Added menu items to insert configurable date/time strings.

  • Removed the whole FIFO code and replaced it with support for (Unix Domain) Sockets(including Windows support).

Windows changes:

  • Implemented Run command (from the build menu) under Windows.
  • Enabled socket code on Windows to detect a running instance.
  • Enabled notification if file on disk has changed under Windows.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a segfault at startup if terminal follow path setting is enabled.

  • Fixed clicking on error messages being dependent on the current file's directory.

  • Fixed a bug when clicking on a recent file got the wrong filename.

  • Fixed a crash when a compiler output reports an error in a blank line(can happen in LaTeX)

  • Fixed a crash when switching between several filetypes.

  • Fixed segfault when replacing tabs by spaces.


  • New translations: cs, nl, vi.
  • Updated translations: de, es.

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