Geany 1.28 is out!

July 10th, 2016

We are happy to announce a new release of Geany!

For a comprehensive list of changes please see Release
. A very detailed and
complete list of changes can be found in the

Some highlights:

  • Improve support for GTK 3.20.
  • Fix type name coloring when types change (Jiří Techet).
  • Fix undo of line end type change (Jiří Techet).
  • Update Scintilla to version 3.6.6.
  • Improve Goto Symbol popup contents (Jiří Techet).
  • Treat .h headers as C++ by default (Jiří Techet).
  • Improve symbols for Ruby.
  • Update translations: ca, de, el, es, fr, it, ja, lt, pt, ru, sk, tr, zh_CN.

We want to thank all developers, translators and everyone who contributed to
this release with patches, feedback, bug reports and so on. Thank you!

As usual, all downloads can be found on