Geany 1.34 is out!

December 16th, 2018

We are happy to announce a new release of Geany!

For a comprehensive list of changes please see Release

Some highlights:

  • GTK version to build against is now automatically detected.
  • Show part of the file path to show unique items in the go to symbol popup (Thomas Martitz).
  • Fix high CPU usage with the Scope plugin (Dimitar Zhekov).
  • Update Scintilla to version 3.10.0.
  • Fix display issues on Windows with HiDPI displays.
  • Fix line breaking with multi-byte characters.
  • Update Python 3.7 keywords and PHP 7.2 tags.
  • New translations: da.
  • Updated translations: de, es, fr, hu, it, ja, pt, sv, sk, uk, ru, zh_CN, zh_TW.

We want to thank all developers, translators and everyone who contributed to
this release with patches, feedback, bug reports and so on. Thank you!

As usual, all downloads can be found on