Geany Plugins 0.17.1 released!

July 21st, 2009

We are happy to announce the release of Geany Plugins 0.17.1, which is a
bugfix release with fixes that did not make it to 0.17 in time. The said fixes
are as follows:

eht16 (4):

  • Attempt to fix crashes when quitting Geany from the system tray icon.
  • Avoid using GHashTable functions from newer GLib versions to fix compilation with GLib 2.8.

frlan (3):

  • Backport bugfix for geanyLaTeX toolbar to 0.17.1 tree
  • Update some of the documentation files to avoid empty files. Closes #2823235
  • Backport some of updated translation to 0.17.1 branch

hyperair (5):

  • Correct typo: COMMON_LIBS => COMMONLIBS
  • Move ttyhelper to $libexecdir/geany-plugins/geanygdb
  • Bump version in
  • Bump versions in wscript and .nsi
  • Create tag geany-plugins-0.17.1

ntrel (1):

  • GeanyLua: Fix showing system script menu items.

Downloads can be found on