Geany-Plugins 1.32 are out!

November 19th, 2017

We are happy to announce a new version of the combined Geany-Plugins release
-- following the Geany 1.32 release, Geany-Plugins 1.32 is being released,

Some highlights:

  • New plugin: Workbench
  • Add a common utils library centralizing often used functions (for plugin developers)
  • Addons: Mark Word: Deselect when the selection changes
  • GitChangebar: Add the possibility to undo hunk at cursor position
  • PrettyPrinter: Add saving and loading of preferences in/from a file
  • Updated translations: de, es, fr, pt

A more complete list of changes can be found at NEWS at

As usual, you can find source tarballs and Windows installer for the new
release on

A huge thanks to everybody contributing to this great release.