New Windows build

August 17th, 2008

This is a new Windows build based on SVN r2891 (development version for
testing only!).

Windows-specific changes:

- latest GTK runtime environment (GTK 2.12.11, GLib 2.16.5) - moved
geany.exe and GTK libraries into a bin/ subdirectory - included some missing
files - (maybe other things, last Windows build is quite old, about 200
revisions ago)

Please be aware that this build is not compatible with previously released
external plugins (geanyvc, spellcheck, ...). But the included internal plugins
will work.

I had some problems with gettext support (i18n) on a German Windows 2000 box
whereas everything worked fine on a German Windows XP box. It would be cool if
anyone could test this on a non-English Windows 2000 computer and give some
feedback whether there is anything localized or whether all strings are in

The files: (full)