Wanted: Maintainers for GeanyLua and GeanyGDB plugins

January 22nd, 2009


as some of you might noticed, the author of the both great plugins, GeanyLua
and GeanyGDB, doesn't have time anymore to maintain them and so Nick and
Enrico did some few API changes in the past but we both can't and don't want
to spend more work on the plugins.

So, we are looking for new maintainers who keep the plugins up-to-date and
maybe even improve them further although both are in a good shape currently.

Especially creating releases for the plugins from time to time and providing
tarballs would be a great thing to make it more easy for users to use them.

So, if anyone wants to step in and take over maintainer ship of one of the
plugins or both, it's your turn! Contact us on the mailing