Verifying GPG signatures of Geany and Geany-Plugins releases

You can use the gpg utility. On Debian based distributions, if you don't have it, you can get it with sudo apt install gpg. On other operating systems, see and

Here is how to use gpg on Linux-like distributions

First, you need to import the public GPG key used to sign the packages. You can download the used public key from:

To import the key use:

gpg --import < colombanw-pubkey.txt

To actually verify the downloaded archive, use one of the following commands according to the archive you have downloaded:

For tar.bz2:

gpg --verify geany-1.34.tar.bz2.sig geany-1.34.tar.bz2

For tar.gz:

gpg --verify geany-1.34.tar.gz.sig geany-1.34.tar.gz

The command's output should state something like "Good signature" and should return with an exit code of 0. If you get another exit code, something went wrong.

A complete example:

gpg --import < colombanw-pubkey.txt
gpg --verify geany-1.34.tar.bz2.sig geany-1.34.tar.bz2