How to get started

Since you clicked the link to get here, you most likely are a developer with C/C++ knowledge and wonder how to start contributing to the Geany project? You will find a short introduction here on how to start.

Introduce yourself

The first step is to introduce yourself so that we know you are there. Begin with subscribing to the mailing lists if you haven't done yet. Then write us a short mail to the Geany Devel mailing list and introduce yourself. We do not require any specific information about you. You decide what you will tell us.

Prepare for developing

Read the HACKING file

Before you begin hacking on Geany, you should have a look on the HACKING file. Important things about coding style and many more are written down there.

Surf through bugs and feature requests

There is a bug tracker which may contain bug reports or even feature requests which may already have a patch attached. To avoid redundant efforts, it's always a good idea to have a look first to see if there is already anything concerning the topic you want to work on.

Surf through the mailing lists

There are also mailing lists archives where you can find out if topics have already been discussed. It's a good idea, to have at least a quick look there too. You can find them on the mailing lists page.

Step in and dive into the Geany project

There are a few different points where you can step in and begin developing and improving Geany.

Fix bugs

You can fix any bug you found in the issue tracker and either send a patch to the Geany-devel mailing list or attach the patch directly to the concerning bug. If you have an account om GitHub, you may also fork us and open a pull request accordingly.

Add new features

Take a feature you found on the issue tracker and decide if it is a feature which should be implemented in the Geany core or if it is better that it is implemented as a plugin. If you're not sure, you can discuss this on the Geany-devel mailing list. When you have decided to implement the feature in the Geany core, go ahead and clone or update the current Git master of Geany, implement your feature and open a pull request on GitHub.

Write a plugin

Write your own plugin? Yes!
More information about the separate Geany-Plugins project can be found on the plugins page.

If you're going to write a plugin it would be cool if you write your README file in restructuredText. It can automagically be used for the website then.

Dive deeper

When you like contributing to the Geany project and have fun with implementing things for Geany, you can even dive deeper.

Fork us on GitHub

You can find Geany on GitHub at A repository for Geany-Plugins can also be found there. Feel free to anonymously clone the repositories, change the code, diff it and send us the patches or even better - if you have an account at GitHub - fork it there and open a pull request for your changes.