Geany dev
src Directory Reference


directory  tagmanager


file  app.h
 Contains the GeanyApp.
file  build.h
 Interface to the Build menu functionality.
file  dialogs.h
 File related dialogs, miscellaneous dialogs, font dialog.
file  document.h
 Document related actions: new, save, open, etc.
file  editor.h
 Editor-related functions for GeanyEditor.
file  encodings.h
 Encoding conversion and Byte Order Mark (BOM) handling.
file  filetypes.h
 Filetype detection, file extensions and filetype menu items.
file  highlighting.h
 Syntax highlighting for the different filetypes, using the Scintilla lexers.
file  keybindings.h
 Configurable keyboard shortcuts.
file  main.h
 Main program-related commands.
file  msgwindow.h
 Message window functions (status, compiler, messages windows).
file  navqueue.h
 Simple code navigation.
file  plugindata.h
 This file defines the plugin API, the interface between Geany and its plugins.
file  pluginutils.h
 Plugin utility functions.
file  project.h
 Project Management.
file  sciwrappers.h
 Wrapper functions for the Scintilla editor widget SCI_* messages.
file  search.h
 Search (prefs).
file  spawn.h
 Portable and convenient process spawning and communication.
file  stash.h
 Lightweight library for reading/writing GKeyFile settings and synchronizing widgets with C variables.
file  support.h
 Defines internationalization macros.
file  symbols.h
 Tag-related functions.
file  templates.h
 Templates (prefs).
file  toolbar.h
 Toolbar (prefs).
file  ui_utils.h
 User Interface general utility functions.
file  utils.h
 General utility functions, non-GTK related.