GTK symbol completion data removed from Geany 0.16

February 17th, 2009

As you might already have noticed, the symbol completion data for the GTK and
GLib libraries have been removed from the default distribution of Geany (i.e.
no more auto completion when typing gtk_...).

Instead Geany now contains symbol completion data for function names defined
in the C99 standard.

We changed this because not all users need the GTK symbol completion data and
so we save some file size for the downloads and default installation.

However, nothing is lost. If you want to have the GTK/GLib symbol completion
back in your Geany, simply download the file gtk214.c.tags from and copy it into
~/.config/geany/tags/. You can use the following command which will do
everything for you:

wget -O ~/.config/geany/tags/gtk214.c.tags

Btw, on you can also find other tags
files which might be interesting. Simply download them and copy them into
~/.config/geany/tags/ and restart Geany.