Geany 0.10 (December 21, 2006)


  • Added a dialog to insert HTML special characters.
  • Added new command line option --line to set the initial line for the first opened file.

  • Implemented new, own Undo system to undo/redo encoding changes.

  • Added simple parser for filetype Diff to create tags for each patched file in a diff file.

  • Added new encoding "None" to open files without any character conversions.

  • Added Stop button to abort the Run command.

  • New filetype VHDL.
  • New scintilla lexer for filetype D with several improvements.
  • Improved auto completion of multi line comments
  • Added option to execute programs in the VTE instead of executing them in a terminal emulation window

  • Removed the limit on the number of files open.

  • Save the build includes and arguments when quitting.
  • Added Next Message search command and Next Error build command.
  • Make search bar automatically wraparound if necessary.
  • Applied patch from Bob Doan to prevent unnecessary search scrolling and add a preference to suppress some of the search


  • Added Find Previous, Find All in Document/Session buttons for the Find dialog.

  • Added Replace (but don't Find) button for the Replace dialog.

  • Added 'Hide Message Window' popup menu command.
  • Added Alt-[1-9] shortcuts to switch to a certain tab number.
  • Limit search dialog history to 30 entries.
  • Change python default compile command to create a compiled python .pyc file (thanks to Bajusz Tam├ís).

Windows changes:

  • Fix #1611530 'file has changed' message on Windows after saving.
  • Fixed wrong paste behaviour under Windows with some applications.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed crash when using "Make object" on new files.
  • Fixed incompatible use of read command in the created shell script to execute programs.

  • Fixed wrong insert position when the cursor was moved by keyboard and comments, includes or a date was inserted.

  • Fixed some segfaults when inserting comments, dates and includes at a position prior to some deleted text.

  • Fix message window horizontal scrollbar being too tall on some systems (thanks to Rob van der Linde).


  • New translations: fr, hu, it, zh_CN, zh_TW.
  • Updated translations: be, ca, cs, de, es, vi.

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