Geany 0.15 (October 19, 2008)


  • Add Previous Message, Previous Error commands (thanks also to Beau Barker).

  • Add 'Close Other Documents' File menu command (#1976724).

  • Add Find Document Usage popup menu command & keybinding.
  • Check that the current file is still on disk (as well as checking the modification time).

  • Add support for custom file templates (found at startup) in the ~/.geany/templates/files directory, shown underneath filetype templates

in the New with Template menu.

  • Make socket open command support filename:line:column syntax.
  • Add filetypes. [build_settings] key 'error_regex' to support custom error message parsing using a GNU-style extended regular expression.*

  • Allow loading projects from command line (#1961083).

  • Add alternative build system: Waf.
  • Add Tools menu item to reload configuration data without a restart.
  • Add support to use template wildcards in snippets.
  • Increase LSB compliance.


  • Make disk check timeout configurable (zero disables disk checks).
  • Add search pref: 'Use the current file's directory for Find in Files' (#1930435).


  • Make keyboard shortcuts dialog non-modal (#1999384).
  • Add a debug messages window to easily view debug messages/warnings.


  • Update Scintilla to version 1.77 (includes many fixes).
  • Add basic Line Breaking option in the Document menu and 'Line breaking column' editor pref (for now only works when typing characters past

the line breaking column number).

  • Don't colourise any documents until they need to be drawn (this should make opening a session faster for filetypes that support typename


  • Make Ctrl-click on a word perform Go to Tag Definition.
  • Add 'Max. symbol name suggestions' autocompletion pref.
  • Show ellipsis (...) item when there are too many symbol names for autocompletion.

  • Highlight matching brace indent guides (thanks to Jason Oster; #2104099).

  • Show brace indent guides on empty lines when appropriate (thanks to Jason Oster; #2105982).

  • Add 'Tab key indents' pref, on by default.

  • Implement soft tabs support (#1662173). There's now a 'Tabs & Spaces' Indent Type, and separate Width, Hard Tab Width indent prefs. (Thanks

to Joerg Desch for explaining how it needed to work).

  • Auto-update the line margin width as lines are added (thanks to Jason Oster; #2129157).

  • Add "Replace spaces by tabs".


  • Install plugins into lib/ not into plugins/.
  • Install Geany's message catalogs into share/locale rather than lib/locale as GTK does since 2.12.2.


  • Add Go to Start/End of Line keybindings (#1996175).
  • Add 'Switch to Compiler' keybinding (useful when checking build progress).

  • Add keybindings for Line wrapping, Line breaking, Toggle fold and Replace Spaces by tabs, Previous/Next word part.


  • Add OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL) filetype (thanks to Colomban Wendling; #2060961).

  • Add R language filetype (thanks to Andrew Rowland; #2121502).

  • Split filetype Fortran into Fortran 77 and Fortran 90.
  • Add Gettext translation filetype (#2131985).
  • CSS improvements, thanks to Jason Oster.

Embedded Terminal:

  • Fix hang when restarting the VTE (#1990323) with VTE 0.16.14. (Note that with VTE 0.16.14 the reset sometimes leaves a blank

terminal, but pressing enter makes it then behave as normal).


  • Add Split Window plugin (should work OK for viewing; full editing support is not implemented yet).

  • Merge InstantSave, AutoSave and BackupCopy plugins into the new plugin 'Save Actions'.


  • Add Tips and Tricks appendix.
  • Updated Installation section.
  • Update 'Build system' for custom error regexes.
  • Add a section for internal plugins.

Plugin API:

  • Many changes; see the API documentation (make api-doc) and the geany-devel list archives.

  • Deprecated: plugin_fields, plugin_info symbols.


  • New translations: ko, tr.
  • Updated translations: be, ca, de, en_GB, fi, hu, it, ja, pl, ro, ru, sv, zh_CN

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