Geany 0.6 (April 30, 2006)

  • added option to place new file tabs to the right or left of the tab list

  • improved file open dialog

  • improved scrolling of the compiler output window
  • rewrote most of the code for compiling files, now all settings are read from filetype definition files

  • now, you can drag files from a file manager into Geany and they will be opened

  • improved handling of filenames which contain non-UTF8 chars

  • added user-definable comment characters to all filetype definition files

  • implemented folding

  • added file properties dialog
  • improved search and find dialogs
  • Geany now creates a FIFO, to communicate between different instances for opening files in an already running instance

  • added filetypes SQL and (O)Caml

  • many small improvements
  • fixed lots of bugs, including #1419473, #1422135, #1421776 and #1441359

  • for more details read the ChangeLog

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