Geany 0.5 (January 27, 2006)

  • set the Open File dialog directory to the same directory as the current file (thanks to Nick Treleaven for this patch)

  • fixed some bugs when opening files with non UTF-8 filenames

  • updated included Scintilla to version 1.67
  • improved auto indention, now "for (...) {" works, too
  • added popup menu to sidebar lists, to quickly hide them
  • symbol list support for filetypes LaTeX and DocBook
  • added .cc, .hh and .hxx extension for filetype C++
  • added new keywords for PHP5
  • added new option "Beep on errors" to disable beeping
  • eliminated compiler (gcc4) warnings
  • closed bug #1387828 and #1387839
  • fixed lots of bugs (please see ChangeLog for details)

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