Geany 1.22 (June 18, 2012)


  • Bump dependencies to GTK >= 2.16 and GLib >= 2.20.
  • Switch to Glade 3 and dynamically loaded XML UI description.
  • Rewrite theming support for better flexibility.
  • Add support for opening files read-only from the command line.
  • Always load the default session if configured to do so.
  • Make all filetypes use named styles to simplify color scheme authoring.

  • Make 'Replace Spaces by Tabs' only match leading spaces to preserve alignment.

Possibly incompatible changes

  • Theming and filetype style changes mean old filetypes and color schemes are not compatible with this version of Geany.

  • There are some default keybinding changes but these will only apply to newly created configurations.

  • Changes to the "project-dialog*" signals may affect plugins.

Bug fixes

  • Fix escaping of session file paths (#3425969).
  • Fix closing when minimized under Windows (#3421282).
  • Properly handle remote URIs received through drag 'n drop (#2966770, #3479567).

  • Fix build with bleeding-edge GLib (#3483388).

  • Fix color scheme selection in Ubuntu Unity (#3479674).
  • Fix very slow regex tag parsing on Windows (e.g. for HTML).
  • Fix detecting a changed file on disk when opening from the command-line (Windows).

  • Fix quick search entry behavior on Windows.

  • Fix keybindings conflicts check when swapping a binding.
  • Fix comments insertion in some cases (#3449635, #3534320).
  • Add missing Windows mio makefile.


  • Split "always wrap search and hide find dialog" pref into "always wrap search" and "hide find dialog" (Dimitar Zhekov).

  • Add Project Properties overrides for 'Saving files' prefs.

  • Add hidden VTE preference "send_cmd_prefix" to prefix commands sent to the VTE. (See the manual for details).


  • Add support for switching to the last used document after closing a tab (Jiří Techet).

  • Improve the tab switching dialog for better usability (Jiří Techet).

  • Add support for user-defined labels for 'Send Selection to' custom commands.

  • Fix sidebar width when on the right (#3514436).

  • Use case-insensitive document list path comparison on Windows.
  • Replace Color Schemes menu with custom dialog.
  • Show selected line count on status bar when whole lines are selected.


  • Update Scintilla to version 2.29.
  • Add a "join lines" command (Eugene Arshinov).
  • Hide autocompletion when the only entry has been typed (#3516212).


  • Add full PCRE regular expressions support.
  • Extra options passed to grep through Find in Files now follows a real shell-style syntax (#3516263).

  • Search pattern length is no longer limited to 248 characters.

  • Fix showing Find/Replace regex compile errors on the status bar.


  • Add Project New/Open/Properties/Close keybindings.
  • Show overridden keybindings in bold for prefs dialog tree.


  • Speed up loading of multiple global tags files.
  • Show global tags file preprocessing errors on stderr & add current directory to include path.

  • Add C/C++ ignore.tags wildcard format 'PREFIX*'.


  • Add support for regex-based filetype detection.
  • C snippets no longer apply to all filetypes.
  • Improve support for HTML embedded filetypes (#2863829, #3127598).
  • Add filetype Objective-C (Elias Pschernig, P#3325139).
  • Fix highlighting of ...R" inside C and C++ (#3425107).
  • Fix TCL keyword highlighting in some situations (#3432877).
  • Parse PHP functions with multiline argument list (#3037797).
  • Handle /bin/dash shebang (#3470986).
  • Update JavaScript parser from CTags.
  • Parse D class/struct/interface template bodies and template blocks; ignore 'static if' expressions; parse function

@attributes, pure/nothrow and immutable/inout/shared return types.

  • Fix broken tag/word autocompletion in HTML/PHP documents.
  • Enable &entity; completion for all XML-based filetypes.


  • Split Window: show marker margin.
  • Split Window: enable basic context menu.


  • document_save_file() now shows the Save As dialog when necessary.
  • Rename signal "project-dialog-create" to "project-dialog-open" and add new "project-dialog-close" signal.

  • setptr is deprecated in favour of SETPTR.

  • Add ui_hookup_object() and ui_lookup_object().
  • Add ui_lookup_stock_label().
  • Add build_{activate,get_current,remove,set}_menu_item(), build_get_group_count().

  • Add stash_group_free_settings().

  • Add support for plugins written in C++.


  • Add translations: ar, id, lt, mn, nn, sk
  • Update translations: de, es, fr, hu, it, ja, kk, lt, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, sk, sl, sv, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW

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