Geany 0.21 (October 2, 2011)


  • Bump dependencies to GTK >= 2.12, GLib >= 2.16 and GIO.
  • Add support for real-time symbol parsing.
  • Remove old filetype templates support - use custom file templates instead.

  • Add support for detecting the indentation width from the file content.

Bug fixes

  • Fix generating tag files (-g) and --ft-names segfault.
  • Replace dates on template insertion, not when loading templates.
  • Fix segfault when inserting e.g. fileheader template when the template file is empty (#3070913, lphilpot).

  • Use the same indentation for all templates (Matthew Brush, #3193527).

  • Fix loading of non-UTF-8 templates.

  • Fix completion and word completion with non-ASCII characters (#3313351).

  • Fix HTML content-type detection (#3300703).

  • Fix pattern filtering when using Find in Files not to search in sub-directories.

  • Add a workaround to prevent Geany from crashing during loading of a LaTeX-file containing linebreaks inside headings.


  • Add 'Save As' toolbar button option (Matthew Brush, #3153490).
  • Add 'Open in New Window' command in the notebook tab menu (Matthew Brush, #3118059).

  • Color schemes: use name and description for menu item and tooltip (Matthew Brush).

  • Shift-Enter in search dialog and toolbar search entries now searches backwards.

  • Improve Set Custom Commands dialog.

  • Always destroy open and save dialogs after use (#3311258, #3304273, #3201050, #3163742, #3153120, #2985896).

  • Add UI to edit formerly hidden preferences (Dimitar Zhekov, #3313315).


  • Update Scintilla to version 2.25.
  • Fix snippets bug: {ob}pc{cb} replaced by '%' instead of {pc}.
  • Fix multiple snippet cursor positions for Tabs + Spaces mode.
  • Avoid triggering autocompletion on PHP open tags (#3199442).
  • Fix indentation brace matching (#3309606).

Configuration files

  • Support copying filetype definition file group keys from a system keyfile with e.g. [styling=C].

  • Make filetype group membership configurable using [Groups] in filetype_extensions.conf.


  • Don't auto-enable case-sensitive option when enabling regex in Find/Replace dialogs.

  • Remember Find and Replace options across restarts (Dimitar Zhekov).


  • Add fixed shortcuts for VTE copy (Ctrl-Shift-C) and paste (Ctrl-Shift-V).

  • Add new keybinding 'Remove Markers and Error Indicators'.


  • Store VTE path with the project session (Nicolas Sierro).


  • Add Scala custom filetype (werg).
  • Add Cython custom filetype (Matthew Brush).
  • Add support for separate single and multiline comments.
  • Add support for filetype-specific indentation settings (#3339420, #3390435)

  • Fix detecting Matlab and Txt2Tags extensions by default (#3167315, #3154637).

  • Fix detecting non-lowercase self-closing tags e.g.

  • Highlight C# and Vala raw and verbatim strings.
  • Improve JavaScript keyword handling and keyword lists (Jason Oster).
  • Add filetype Cobol (Seth Keiper).
  • Add file template for Vala (Mark Trompell).


  • File Browser: Make 'Hide object files' preference configurable with file extensions.

  • Split Window: Fix a crash when changing filetype (Matthew Brush, #3255968).

  • Split Window: Update styles when the filetype changes (Matthew Brush).

  • Split Window: Enable code folding (Matthew Brush, #3097780).

  • Split Window: Fix issues on Windows (Matthew Brush, #2725342).
  • Class Builder: Improve dialog UI using a table (Matthew Brush).
  • Export: Add option to insert line numbers (#3197150).


  • Add 'Reading styles from another filetype' subsection (Matthew Brush).

  • Add 'Filenames' subsection for filetype definition files explaining the filename extensions and special cases.

  • Add section 'Filetype group membership'.

Plugin API

  • Add filetypes_get_sorted_by_name(), utils_find_open_xml_tag_pos() (Eugene Arshinov).

  • Add plugin_idle_add(), plugin_timeout_add(), plugin_timeout_add_seconds(), ui_menu_add_document_items_sorted(), document_compare_by_display_name(),

document_compare_by_tab_order(), document_compare_by_tab_order_reverse().

  • Deprecate ui_widget_set_tooltip_text().
  • Fix public inclusion of config.h (#3384026).
  • Add new signal "document-reload".


  • Add translations: fa
  • Update translations: ca, cs, de, en_GB, es, fi, fr, gl, it, ja, nl, pt, pt_BR, sl, sv, tr, vi, zh_CN, zh_TW

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