Geany 1.32.0 (November 19, 2017)


  • Improve CLI argument help (PR#1644).
  • Keep the current tab when closing documents to the right of another tab.
  • Re-enable SIGTERM handling (PR#1255).
  • Create correct path for filetype config files (Jiří Techet, PR#1482).
  • Add an option to enable IME's candidate window display inline (Sinpo Wei, PR#1514).
  • Add an option to automatically reload files changed on disk (Mark O'Donovan, PR#1246).

Bug fixes

  • Fix backward compatibility of the geometry saving setting.
  • Close "Deleted from Disk" Infobar on Reload (Lars Paulsen, PR#1628).
  • Make sure GDK_MOD2_MASK is cleared when getting modifiers (Jiří Techet, PR#1636).
  • Use non-symlinked VTE libraries on MacOS X (Jiří Techet, PR#1625).
  • Fix crash if plugin manager is opened more than once (PR#1564).
  • Fix incorrect variable reference (Thomas Martitz, PR#1561).


  • Add "Close Documents to the Right" feature (PR#1362).
  • Add an option to save/reload either window position or size, but optionally not both (delt01, PR#1456).


  • Update Scintilla to version 3.7.5 (PR#1503).
  • Improve snippet support (visual indicators and more) (Thomas Martitz, PR#1470).
  • Push current position to navqueue before navigating back (Vasiliy Faronov, PR#1537).


  • Add GNU assembler filetype extensions (Issue#904).
  • Make Python comment hash space (PR#1682).
  • Add missing string and comment styles for various lexers (PR#1502).
  • Add missing PHP keywords, especially for PHP 7.x (1547, PR#1547).
  • Python: Don't highlight sub-identifiers as keywords (PR#1544).


  • FileBrowser: don't change directory on project save (Jiří Techet, PR#1400).


  • Fix Execute button on Windows when using HTML files and "builtin" command (Issue#1018, PR#1667).


  • Add utils_get_real_path() and deprecate tm_get_real_path() (PR#1224).
  • Add geany_plugin_get_data() (PR#1234).
  • Add keybindings_load_keyfile() (Jiří Techet, PR#1430).
  • Add tm_tag_get_type() (Thomas Martitz, PR#1465).


  • Add note about data types and update for best practices (PR#1282).


  • Updated translations: ca, de, el, es, fr, it, lt, lv, nl, pt, ru, sk, sv, zh_CN

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