Geany 1.24.0 (April 19, 2014)


  • Add experimental support for GTK3.
  • Add support for loading CTags and Vi tags files.
  • Save configuration when plugin manager dialog is closed.

Bug fixes

  • Fix many small memory leaks (many of them found by Pavel Roschin).
  • Fix stopping of some spawned commands.
  • Fix cursor position and selection after comment toggling (#3576431).
  • Fix truncated output of --list-documents command-line option.
  • Fix launching a new instance when --list-documents is passed and no other instance is running.
  • Fix crash if a Custom Command returns after its related document has been closed.
  • Fix typo in "deque" C++ include name (#1027).
  • Fix replacing a selection starting with "0x" by a color if the selection is not 8 bytes long.
  • Fix a possible crash on quit.


  • Fix custom GTK styles under KDE (#3607935).
  • Add Find entries in the Symbol List popup menu (#3608278).
  • Flatten-out the View menu.
  • Add a button to directly configure a plugin's keybindings in the plugin manager (Pavel Roschin).
  • Add an Apply button to the color chooser dialog (FR#686, Steven Valsesia).
  • Use a non-cropped 16x16 application icon (#1010).
  • Fix "leaks" of geany_run_script (#975).


  • Update Scintilla to version 3.3.6 (#962, #995).
  • Fix Reflow to follow Line breaking behavior (#382, #412, #464, Eugene Arshinov).
  • Fix unfolding the very last line in a level (#1007).
  • Fix commenting the very last line in some situations.


  • Fix bulk Search & Replace not to match replacements.
  • Fix finding start of word when performing whole word matching.
  • Search when activating the Replace dialog find entry.


  • Add CUDA filetype (PR#147, Benjamin Chrétien).
  • Add Rust filetype (PR#181, SiegeLord).
  • Add Batch filetype (canou).
  • Add Graphviz filetype (PR#125, Miro Hrončok).
  • Add PowerShell filetype (Igor Shaula).
  • Add Clojure filetype (PR#92, Hoàng Minh Thắng).
  • Many improvements to the PHP tag parser.
  • Update PHP global tags file (PR#137, John Long).
  • Improve shebang detection for mksh and tcsh shells (PR#126 , Ypnose).
  • Fix Asciidoc parser recognition of open block as underline.
  • Fix symbol list entry for Asciidoc headers containing a dot.
  • Fix Asciidoc title parsing.
  • SQL parsing improvements.
  • Extend list of recognized keywords for SQL.
  • Fix SQL single-line comment marker (#997).
  • Fix parsing of some JavaScript constructors (#966).
  • Fix parsing a JavaScript regular expression in a return statement.
  • Fix parsing JavaScript files with a shebang.
  • Parse Java annotations with parameters (#924, Braden Walters).
  • Display Java enums in the symbol list.
  • Add "strictfp" Java keyword and fix annotation parsing (#936, #924).
  • Fix parsing of C++ static_assert.
  • Fix parsing of typed enums in C# and C++.
  • Mitigate parsing errors on C++ generics containing an expression.
  • Add C++ member pointer operator to scope autocomplete operators (#907).
  • Fix parsing of Fortran "forall" blocks and procedure pointers (Alexander Eberspächer).
  • Fix parsing of complex Cython types.
  • Fix re-parsing Objective-C code.
  • Fix parsing of Verilog initializers.
  • Fix displaying of quoted Bash HereDoc delimiters (#952).
  • Add some HTML5 keywords (Duncan de Wet).
  • Add Erlang snippets and a template (PR#157, Fabio Ticconi).
  • Haskell highlighting improvements (kudah).
  • Add Matlab class keywords (PR#136, Felix Totir).
  • Fix argument list on some Python constructors.
  • Fix R indenting to use braces.
  • Display R sources and libraries in the symbol list.
  • Many improvements to the Fortran tag parser (#1023, #1030, with help from Adam Hirst).
  • Put Makefile comments at start of line.
  • Add some missing Pascal keywords (#1033, PR#144).
  • Add default build command for Bibtex in the Latex filetype (PR#227, Francisco Iacobelli).
  • Ignore Python imports when going to a tag's definition.
  • Add some more Ruby extensions (Igor Shaula).


  • Make date templates translatable (Christian Dywan).
  • Update translations: ca, cs, de, es, eu, fr, gl, he, hu, it, kk, lt, nl, pt, ru, sk, sl, sv, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW


  • Save Actions: add autosave when the editor lose focus (FR#683, Steven Valsesia).
  • Export: fix exporting a document not ending with a newline.
  • Export: fix including random, unused styles in the output.
  • Export: fix HTML title if the file name contains control characters.
  • Export: fix LaTeX export with many consecutive -, < or >.


  • Add plugin_builder_connect_signals().


  • Fix infinite pagination when printing (#961).
  • Fix spawning commands with spaces (#943).
  • Allow to use the GTK color chooser dialog (PR#218, Steven Valsesia).
  • Add default extension to native save dialogs (#1021).
  • Add colorschemes from the Geany-Themes project to the Windows installer.
  • Add option to install Geany header files and pkgconfig file to the Windows installer.
  • Fix broken opening files from command line on Windows (again, #3613096).

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