Geany 0.19.1 (August 18, 2010)


  • Fix broken autocompletion after using scope completion.
  • Fix scrolling the editor line in view (e.g. after loading a session and switching document tabs).

  • Fix using filetype extension patterns with upper case letters on Windows (#3028856).

  • Fix a slightly wrong encoding detection on Windows (#3019573).

  • Re-enable comment folding.
  • Fix not loading plugins built against a newer API when Geany doesn't provide the required version given in PLUGIN_VERSION_CHECK().

  • Fix infinite loop in Markdown lexer (patch by Colomban Wendling, thanks).

  • Fix saving non-project filetype error regex.

  • Focus toolbar item when pressing Go to Line keybinding only when it's not in the toolbar's drop down overflow menu (#3027454).

  • Escape the name of the current document for markup when using document name for menu items (#3038844).

  • File Browser: Allow Find in Files when no items are selected.

  • Fix build menu translation problems.
  • Fix segfault on Tools->Reload Configuration when no documents are open (#3037079).

  • Fix building with Waf on Solaris.

  • Fix a memory leak (thanks to Daniel Marjamäki).
  • Use g_free instead of free (patch by Daniel Marjamäki, thanks).


  • Always use white background color when printing (except for text with a white foreground) to save ink (#2968998).

  • Limit build error editor indicators to 50, but parse all errors in the Compiler tab (#3019823).

  • Align notebook tab close buttons centred vertically (thanks to Robux.Biz (galyuk)).

  • Show the Project Properties build tab when choosing 'Set Build Commands' when a project is open to prevent confusion with

non-project commands.


  • Fix wording - restarting is required for hidden prefs.
  • Fix Grep --exclude-dir example.

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