Geany 0.19 (June 12, 2010)


  • Build system reworked to be much more configurable (by Lex Trotman).
  • Use POSIX system/GNU regex engine for find & replace. This alters regex syntax - we now support '?' operator and match newlines.

  • Support adding custom filetype files.

  • Add new command line option --list-documents to return a list of currently opened documents

  • Remove deprecated --debug flag. Please use --verbose/-v instead.


  • Add option 'System Default' for toolbar icon style and size to use the GTK default value.

  • Allow '+' and '-' as values for Goto Line inputs to jump relative to the current line.

  • Add preference to add new document tabs beside the current one (patch by Colomban Wendling).

  • Enable type-ahead find for sidebar symbols and documents tabs (patch by Thomas Martitz).

  • Make Ctrl-click on any notebook tab switch to the last used document.

  • Add 'Edit->Commands' menu.

  • Add 'Edit->Plugin Preferences' menu item and keybinding.
  • Add 'View->Editor->Color Schemes' menu (only shown if color scheme files exist).


  • Hide 'Tabs and Spaces: Hard tab width' preference - it should always be 8. (Hidden setting kept in case users have modified it).

  • Add sidebar position interface pref.

  • Add project long line marker customisation (patch from Eugene Arshinov).


  • Update Scintilla to 2.12.
  • Add preference and support for virtual spaces.
  • Add word part autocompletion for the current selected item when pressing keybinding (default Tab) - Enter still completes normally.

  • Remove LaTeX autocompletion from Geany's core and move it to the geanyLaTeX plugin.


  • New filetype: Txt2Tags (patch by Eric Forgeot).
  • New filetype: Abc (patch by Eric Forgeot).
  • New filetype: Verilog (patch from Kelvin Gardiner).
  • New custom filetype: Genie.
  • Improvements in symbol parsing of PHP and Python files.
  • Add R tagmanager symbol parser (patch by Jon Senior).
  • Update Perl tag parser from ctags - removes support for buggy local/my/our but parses constant/format/labels.

  • Parse more VHDL tags (patch from Kelvin Gardiner).

  • Highlight D & Java types from a global tags file.
  • Parse Python lambda functions (patch from Colomban Wendling).


  • Add keybindings to switch to the sidebar's Document and Symbol list as well as to the Message Window's current tab (patch by Eugene Arshinov).

  • Add 'Remove Markers' and 'Remove Error Indicators' keybindings.

  • Make 'Reflow block/lines(s)' keybinding use line breaking column when enabled (patch by Lex Trotman).

  • Add 'Select to previous/next word part' keybindings.

  • Add 'Switch to Messages' focus keybinding.
  • Add 'Move line(s) up/down' keybindings.
  • Make Switch to Editor keybinding reshow the document statistics line.


  • Move filetype template defaults into custom file template files.
  • Read custom file templates from system as well as user dir.
  • Add new special template wildcard "{command:...}" to use the output of a shell command in templates.

  • Support {ob}, {cb} and {pc} to escape wildcard strings with {, }, % for snippets, fileheader and file templates.

  • Add {project}, {description} template wildcards (#2954737).

  • Reload templates when saving a document in the templates config dir.

Configuration files:

  • Support more filetypes.common folding icon styles: arrows, +/- and no lines (#2935059).

  • Support Scintilla lexer properties in [lexer_properties] filetypes. group.*

  • Add filetypes.xml asp.default.language property (Ross McKay).


  • Classbuilder: Add support for creating PHP classes (patch by Ondrej Donek).

  • HTMLchars: Make plugin remember whether replacement of special characters was activated.


  • Support very long build commands.
  • Add a preference for choosing between GTK and native File Open/Save dialogs (only available on Windows).


  • Added translations: ast.
  • Updated translations: de, en_GB, es, fr, gl, ja, nl, pt, ru, sl, sv, tr, vi, zh_CN.


  • Improve documentation contents page.
  • Add Stash mini-library setting, pref & widget functions to API.
  • Add plugin_configure_single() plugin symbol which is easier to implement than plugin_configure().

  • Add new plugin signals: "document-before-save", "document-filetype-set", "geany-startup-complete".

  • Add PLUGIN_SET_TRANSLATABLE_INFO macro to the plugin API so plugins' meta information can be translated already in the plugin manager dialog

(patch by Colomban Wendling).

  • Use full function name for GeanyFunctions function pointers. This avoids naming conflicts e.g. with C++'s 'new' keyword.

  • GeanyKeyBinding label fields can now contain underscores, which won't be displayed by Geany. This saves adding near-duplicate translation


  • Add GeanyKeyGroup callback support.
  • Add more Scintilla function wrappers, foreach_dir(), foreach_str(), utils_get_file_list_full(), document_get_notebook_page(),


  • Don't install unnecessary headers.
  • Remove deprecated header pluginmacros.h - use geanyfunctions.h instead.

  • Deprecate documents_foreach(), use foreach_document() instead.

  • Deprecate PLUGIN_KEY_GROUP() macro - use plugin_set_key_group() instead.

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