Geany 0.17 (May 02, 2009)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix broken selection of "Document->Set Encoding" menu items.
  • Fix broken non-incremental search with the toolbar search entry when pressing Enter (closes #2638180).

  • Fix parsing of Make output (closes #2694479, patch by Andrea Mazzoleni).

  • Fix crashes on quitting Geany (closes #2533990).
  • Fix disabled Go to Tag items in the editor menu when using the keyboard (#2780044).

  • Prevent crashes when two or more top level items in the symbol list have the same name (closes #2778246).


  • Add an option to set an additional plugin lookup path.
  • Add a hidden preference 'use_safe_file_saving'. This has serious side effects, please read the documentation before enabling this.


  • Add 'Send Selection to Terminal' command to the Edit->Format menu.
  • Change the background colour of the search entries in the Find and Replace dialogs according to the search results.

  • Add 'Close Other Documents' and 'Close All' menu items to the tab bar menu.

  • Add an option to allow appending the toolbar to the main menu bar to save some vertical space.

  • When a project is loaded, replace the project base path with the project name in the Documents sidebar for parent items (closes #2723679).

  • Make the file open dialog more compact.

  • Ellipsize tab labels and some status messages for very long filenames (closes #2777348).

  • Add new toolbar element: Print (patch by Roland Baudin).

  • Remember the active sidebar page between sessions.
  • Add "Recent Projects" menu to the Project menu (#2728630, patch by Elias Pschernig).

  • Add Tools->Configuration Files item for snippets.conf.


  • Fix wrong Fortran 90 comment characters when inserting templates.
  • Add filetype ActionScript (patch by Chris Macksey).
  • Fixes for CSS, Fortran and Ruby parsers.
  • Add a trivial symbol parser for NSIS files.


  • On Windows, change the working directory to the Geany installation path at startup to avoid unwanted directory locking(closes #2626124).

  • Fix window positioning on startup.

  • Make build commands on Windows run synchronously to avoid problems with reading build commands' output.


  • HTMLchars: Extend plugin by bulk replace and replace on input for special characters to their HTML entities.

  • Splitwindow: Add keybindings for the split actions.

  • VCDiff: Remove plugin from Geany. Use GeanyVC instead.

Plugin API:

  • Deprecate sci_get_text(), sci_get_selected_text() and sci_get_text_range().

  • Add sci_get_contents(), sci_get_contents_range() and sci_get_selection_contents() as replacement functions to provide

an easier and cleaner API (initial patch by Frank).

  • Make GEANY_FILETYPES_NONE = 0, sort filetype IDs randomly (so we can append new filetypes without breaking the ABI); add

filetypes_by_title sorted list to GeanyData.


  • Describe how to build Geany using the Waf build system.


  • Updated translations: be, cs, de, es, fi, fr, hu, ja, pt_BR, ru, sv, tr, zh_CN

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