Geany 0.4 (December 21, 2005)

  • new filetype: Assembler
  • new filetype: Conf for configuration files
  • added a terminal emulation widget, needs only at runtime, but it also runs without it, see documentation

  • made some general improvements to increase startup speed

  • changed "build with make" keyboard shortcut to Shift+F9 to avoid problems with window managers key bindings

  • added auto-closing [ and { brackets in LaTex-Mode

  • improved documentation, but it is not yet complete
  • improved the symbol list to categorise the tags in a tree
  • some new options in the preferences dialog
  • added popup menu to the list of open files
  • there are lots of other small changes made since last release
  • some bugfixes (please see ChangeLog for details)

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