Geany 0.13 (February 05, 2008)


  • Improve configure script and fix some compatibility issues.
  • Add support for project session files.
  • Add native GTK printing support (only with GTK 2.10+).
  • Prevent execution of commands by Geany if the VTE may contain any text on the prompt (thanks to "Jeff Pohlmeyer for reporting).

  • Store more document-related settings when saving session in the configuration file (including the file encoding).

  • Detect in-file specified file encoding by scanning the file using regular expressions.

  • Add binary relocation support.


  • Add configurable default file extension setting for filetype definition files.

  • Fix reST autocompletion.


  • Show arrays and modifiers like const in calltip return types for C-like files.

  • Update C global tags file for GTK+ 2.12.

  • Fix parsing the correct D class name when inheriting, D constructor tags and ignore D import statements.

  • Remove unnecessary tagmanager status file.

  • Improve PHP, Ruby and FreeBasic parsers.


  • Add 'Indent Type' option in the Document menu.
  • Add 'Detect from file' Editor indentation pref.
  • Show TAB or SP for current document's indent type.
  • Add a 'Newline strips trailing spaces' pref (thanks to Catalin Marinas).

  • Add 'Strip Trailing Spaces' document menu item.

  • Add combo box input history for 'Make Custom Target' dialog.
  • Make Open, Save As dialogs start in project base path (or default path pref) when the current file has no filename.

  • Add 'Make in base path' project file preference.

  • Make 'Open Selected File' first try the current file's directory, falling back to the project base path if no file was found.

  • Fix broken window maximization.

  • Improve appearance of used treeviews and use rules hints to respect user colour settings.


  • Fix hidden lines after deleting a line that is a collapsed fold point.

  • Make Fold All/Unfold All attempt to scroll the current line in view.

  • Show line wrap symbol at start of line for wrapped lines.
  • Allow scrolling past end of document, so the user can append text with the last lines drawn at the top of the view.

  • Rename "Construct autocompletion" to "Snippets".

  • Improve usage of "Unfold all children" option.
  • Update Scintilla to version 1.75.


  • Add configurable keybindings for Cut, Copy and Paste.
  • Ask the user whether to override an existing keybinding when setting a combination that is already in use.

  • Add 'Override Geany keybindings' VTE prefs dialog option (replaces hidden pref), which makes the VTE interpret all keyboard shortcuts

except focus group keybindings.


  • Add File Browser sidebar plugin.
  • Add Version Control Diff plugin (VC Diff), which supports SVN, CVS and GIT (thanks to Yura Siamashka).

  • Add plugin manager dialog to select plugins to load at startup and to call a plugin configure dialog.

  • Add new signals: project_open, project_save, project_close.

  • Add Auto Save plugin.

Plugin API:

  • Add keybindings_send_command() and some other functions.
  • Add pluginmacros.h to define common macros for app, p_utils, etc.
  • Add more documentation/comments to demoplugin.c.
  • Add configure symbol for plugins which is called by Geany when a configure dialog for the plugin is requested, optionally.

  • Add author field to plugin info struct.


  • Enable build support.
  • Prevent prefs dialog being hidden after using the prefs file dialog.
  • Create Geany's configuration directory in user's appdata path instead of the default home directory.


  • Show default shortcuts in Keybindings section.
  • Update Project section for project-based session support.
  • Add Indentation subsection under Editor section.
  • HACKING: Update 'Adding a filetype' section.


  • New translations: ja, uk, el.
  • Updated translations: ca, de, en_GB, fr, it, pt_BR, hu, sv, vi.

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