Geany 0.11 (May 21, 2007)

Notes for existing users:

  • Tab is now used for construct completion (for, if, etc.), but it is configurable with the new 'Complete construct' keybinding.

  • Template files are now stored in ~/.geany/templates/ and the 'template.' filename prefix is no longer used. You will need to

move any custom template files you have.

  • Inserting a file header is now optional for filetype templates. Use the string '{fileheader}' to mark where the file header should

be placed.

  • Drag'n'Drop of text inside the editor widget will now move the text instead of copying it.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix segfault when pressing Ctrl-Enter when there are no workspace tags.

  • Remove error indicators in all documents when linking (#1705374).

  • Sort symbol list tags also by line number (#1703575).
  • Fix #1717418, Hang on SQL file load.
  • Fix #1718532 - Crash when opening a special HTML file.
  • Add workaround for PHP closing brace de-indenting.
  • Fix reloading of read-only documents.

Project Management:

  • Add keybinding to show project properties dialog.
  • Add project Run command support.
  • Run Make All and Make Custom from the project base directory.

Custom Global Tags:

  • Update C global tags for GTK+ 2.10 and it's dependencies.
  • Add option --generate-tags (-g) to generate a global tags file from a list of source files (see docs).

  • Load global tag files stored in ~/.geany/tags at startup #.

  • Add Load Tags command in the File menu #. # This is not supported for Pascal, PHP or LaTeX files yet.

Calltips (for C-like files):

  • Show up and down arrows when there are multiple calltip matches.
  • Show classname in calltips.
  • Parse pointers in function return type.
  • Add calltip support for D constructors.

Other changes:

  • Parse 'Entering directory' Make messages so opening files from error messages works for subdirectories (thanks to Josef Whiter).

  • Make Go to Tag Definition/Declaration work for all tags.

  • Support filetype templates for all filetypes (see docs).
  • Make file header optional for filetype templates.
  • Add 'Find Selected' and 'Find Prev Selected' search commands and keybindings (thanks to Jeff Pohlmeyer).

  • Add Mark button to the Find dialog, and a Remove Markers item to the Document menu.

  • Add 'Recurse in subfolders' and 'Extra options' checkboxes to the Find in Files dialog.

  • Add 'Switch to last used document' keybinding (Ctrl-Tab).

  • Add Goto Previous/Next Marker keybindings (Ctrl-, and Ctrl-.).
  • Add Toggle Marker keybinding (Ctrl-M).
  • Add keybinding for construct completion, and set the default to Tab.

  • Add MimeType associatiations for: C++ header, Pascal, Perl, Python, httpd-PHP and XML files (thanks to IƱaki Rodriguez).

  • Add brace indenting support for Perl and Tcl.

  • Make backspace unindent when using spaces for indentation.
  • Wrap notebook pages when switching tabs.
  • Speed up loading multiple C-like files slightly.
  • New filetypes: JavaScript, Lua and Haskell.
  • Set several widget names to allow users to define custom styles in .gtkrc-2.0.

  • Add context actions to run custom commands on current selection or the current word below cursor.

  • Add different auto indention modes.

  • Improve replacing in rectangle selections.
  • Add custom commands to send selected text through some definable commands and replace the selection with the output.

  • Add command line option --column to allow setting the initial column for the first opened file on command line.

  • Improve the auto scrolling of documents.

  • Improve loading of the VTE library.
  • Add an option for using spaces or tabulators when inserting some whitespace.

  • Add an option to disable Drag'n'Drop in the editor widget.


  • Add Project Management, Global Tags, Construct Completion sections.

  • Add Bookmarks section (thanks to John Gabriele).

  • Update Filetype Templates, Search sections.


  • New translations: bg.
  • Updated translations: ca, cs, de, es, fr, zh_CN.

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